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Dr. Sarah Sun Liew for Congress

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In early 2020, the world was shocked by the COVID-19 threat. Soon foreign viruses arrived on our shores and began to disrupt our country, our economy, and our way of life. Unfortunately, our state turned out to be the hardest hit. 


With over 3.75 M infections and 62165 deaths(Date: 5/07/2021 Reported), the COVID crisis did inestimable damage to our state’s economy and infrastructure, with the restaurant and tourism sectors being among the hardest hit.


Complicating matters is that, at present, Congress continues to flail about and play politics instead of passing the stimulus relief package promised over the summer and should have passed months ago.

There is simply no way California can hope to recover without direct, immediate intervention on behalf of California’s citizens. It will bring both the public and private sectors working together to restore our state and its economy to its former glory.


This will require lawmakers at both the state and federal levels to do their part to get help to those who need it and assistance from businesses and organizations to think creatively and work together to devise solutions for the recovery.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, Candidate for Congress from California’s 33rd District, has a proven track record in providing direct assistance to business owners.


In fact, no political candidate in California, either in or out of office, is better suited to deal with the challenges our state faces, as no other candidate possesses her level of experience in the business.


As a successful businesswoman herself, with more than 30 years’ experience in the private sector, Dr. Liew proposes a complete overhaul of California’s social and legal structure to deal with the crisis at hand and aid in the recovery.

Dr. Liew’s proposals for the revitalizing of California include:

  • Grants and tax breaks, at both the federal and state levels, to small business owners as they try to revive failed businesses, rehire workers, and build new properties that adhere to social-distancing guidelines should there be similar outbreaks in the future;


  • Community outreach centers that help local business owners, both established and aspiring ones, to start new businesses that will help to repair the breach and aid California’s recovery in the aftermath of COVID;


  • Targeted assistance for those in the tourism, restaurant, and hospitality sectors, and small business to include relief for lost work and wages, as well as to encourage new business growth in said sectors, and more…


  • Promoting an educational recovery. We will not spare any expense in repairing our stagnated education system to allow students to go back to school, take classes safely, and conduct classes that more teachers can meet. Students and teachers will not need to worry about locked-up classrooms. We will disseminate more programs and resources to replenish backed education.


  • Seeking a spiritual renewal in our state. Our comeback from the COVID crisis will require more than simply curing the virus and repairing our schools and businesses. We need a spiritual recovery as well. This will require renewed effort from churches, charities, and non-profits, to restore a spiritually stagnant America. America is a religious nation, yet many churches have stopped long-term worship in light of the pandemic. The effects of this action on our communities have been completely deleterious in effect and done incalculable damage. As your representative, Dr. Liew, a pastor herself, will seek to revitalize the church and help it achieve its humanitarian, social, and economic mission.


Should Dr. Liew be elected as your representative, one of her first proposed bills in Congress will be to pass a comprehensive relief package for California that will contain billions in new relief for our state, with an eye to both restoring California’s economy and providing additional measures and fail-safes that will protect our state’s workers and the economy in the event of a new pandemic, or the resurgence of an old one, Dr. Liew needs your help in making these California Dreams a reality!